July 16, 2009

New design for our Douro Wines

We have redesigned our Douro wine labels to depict aerial views of the terrace contours of our Douro vineyards. These striking new labels will help to reinforce the identity of our Churchill Estates brand.

With the launch of the 2007 vintage we are extending our Churchill Estates brand to include a Reserva, a single varietal Touriga Nacional and a Grande Reserva. These wines will be released in September.


  1. Johnny,
    Is it possible to see close up color pics of them? I didn't see them on the main website, or did I miss them? I'd love to see them in full color.

    Andy Velebil

  2. A single varietal Touriga Nacional! I'm looking forward to it. Will 'Utrecht' be having these, you think?

  3. Andy,

    Maybe this can help you http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2009/01/churchill-wine.html

  4. I congratulate you for the new image. But the previous look was also good.
    I drink Churchill Estates since the 2003 harvest (I still love the 2004 and still have a few bottles)and it is a fantastic wine, however it is a wine that few people know...it is a shame because Estates deserves to be known.Sometimes change the look may distract the attention of consumers.
    I suggest that you upgrade Churchill's website because the Internet is an excellent means of promotion and I know many people looking for wine on the web.

    Antonio Neves

  5. Antonio Neves

  6. www.imagemdovinho.blogspot.com