March 25, 2009

Tasting the 70's Vintage Port decade at the Factory House

I've just been to a"70's decade" Vintage Port tasting at the Factory House.The 1970's are well balanced elegant Ports in their prime, the 1975's will always be light but they are fine quality Ports gaining in stature with age, the 1977's are young at heart with good tannic freshness but lack a little ripe concentration in the middle!


  1. I have one bottle of Vargellas 70 which I must open with you at some stage! It is a bit of an oddity as its the only declared vintage (as far as I am aware) where they produced both Taylor's and Vargellas together. This was from the vineyards below the railway line which were then flooded when the dam was built!

  2. Justin, I am slowly learning the ropes of this blogging business so have only just read this comment of yours!
    I remember the vineyared below the railway at Vargellas. It was a long way up to the house from the river in those days! even in 1973 when I first started doing the boat trip with Cockburns and we used to visit Canais across the river from Vargellas.