April 01, 2009

Churchill Estates 2007 Douro

This is not an April fool! We are now releasing our new 2007 Churchill Estates wine. What I love about this vintage is the maturity! There is masses of ripe fruit but the natural acidity of the Quinta da Gricha terroir keeps the wine fresh and elegant.


  1. Dear Johnny,

    Congratulations for your blog! Good to know you will share your opinions, comments, news and ideas here in your blog! Looking forward to taste those Port and Douro wines!

  2. Óscar,
    Thank you for your comments. I am still a beginner at this blogging business! I see you are based at S. João de Pesqueira. Are you a winemaker?

  3. Hi Johnny, sorry for the late reply.

    We are based in S. João de Pesqueira. My sister, Cláudia, is the winemaker. I'm from economics, not so beautiful but also interesting!!!

    Let me know when you come here, oscar at quevedoportwine dot com for an offline conversation!