April 26, 2009

Churchill's 2007 Vintage Port Declaration

We have declared the 2007 Port Vintage!
2007 was an outstanding year in the Douro for both Port and Douro wines.

In my opinion the Churchill's 2007 has the fresh, fruit driven style of the 1985's combined with the tough chunkiness of the 1994's.

I have already posted my Vintage Report and Tasting comments.


  1. Congratulations on declaring your '07 VP's. Hopefully I will be able to try them later this year when I visit the Douro.

    Also congrats on the blog, I love it and keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Johnny.
    I had the chance to taste your Churchill's 07 in London.
    What a fantastic vintage. Beautiful purple colour . I loved the purity of the fruit. Powerful. Balanced. I love your Port. I love your style. Congratulations.

    PS. just saw james suckling tasting notes. Very strange! It seems the tasting notes were for a diferent port....